How Animal Experiments Paved the Way for the CIA’s Torture Program

The CIA’s torture program was directly inspired by animal experiments... Fortunately, such abusive human experimentation is now highly unlikely in the U.S… However... we continue to experiment on another vulnerable group — animals (Aysha Akhtar)





Cowardly Submissive Clergy (Frank L. Hoffman)

Cowardly submissive clergy are a plague upon their congregation and those who seek to live in the heavenly will of God. We have discussed with many clergy about the fact that the Bible teaches us to protect the whole of God’s creation and to free it from its...Read More »

5 Big Fat Lies About Fatty Liver (Foie Gras) (Ingrid Newkirk)

Last week, a federal judge struck down California’s groundbreaking ban on the sale of foie gras on a technicality: He ruled that foie gras is an “ingredient” and therefore covered by the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act, which state law cannot override. We expect this decision...Read More »

The Disturbing Ways Factory Farms Have Altered the Natural Size of Pigs (Lindsey Patton)

When you think of adjectives for the word “fat,” the word “pig” will eventually pop up. Because domestic pigs are known for being fat. Take a look at our typical domestic pig and compare it to its wild counterpart.While farmed pigs are portly, related species like the wild boar, bushpig and warthog are...Read More »

How Animal Experiments Paved the Way for the CIA's Torture Program (Aysha Akhtar)

Fact: The CIA’s torture program was directly inspired by animal experiments. In the 1960s, dogs were subjected to random electric shocks from which they could not escape. Eventually the dogs gave up trying to avoid the painful shocks, not even escaping when a path to escape was finally...Read More »

Exclusive: USDA Secretary orders update of animal welfare research strategy (P.J. Huffstutter)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has directed agency staff to create and deliver an updated Animal Welfare Strategy plan within 60 days, according to an internal email reviewed by Reuters. The emailed memo from Chavonda Jacobs-Young, head of the agency’s Agricultural Research Service, was sent to...Read More »

Mass Poisoning Leaves Dogs 'Dying in Terrible Pain' in Russia's Far East (Anna Dolgov)

A mass dog poisoning in Russia’s Far East has left hundreds of animals dying in agony around the city, including pets that escaped the attention of their owners, environmental officials said. The large-scale poisoning by unknown vigilantes has been going on in the town of Yuzhno-Kurilsk for three...Read More »

The meat industry’s worst nightmare could soon become a reality (Roberto A. Ferdman)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is preparing to release the latest version of the government’s influential dietary guidelines this year, and there could be a major change that accelerates the trend of Americans eating less meat. The guidelines, which are updated every five years, have traditionally advised Americans about healthy eating...Read More »

Victory! UW-Madison Closes Cruel Cat Lab (Elizabeth Brion)

Following an intensive PETA campaign to expose and end cruel and archaic sound-localization experiments on cats at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW), the federal grant money has expired, the lead experimenter has retired, and the embattled laboratory has closed its doors for good. The remaining four...Read More »

Play hard, work hard: the animal guide to the good life (Robert John Young)

Play is something animals repeatedly do that appears to be without function, such as a cat chasing a ball of string. It can be related to other behaviour (training to hunt, for instance), but tends to be expressed in a more exaggerated manner and only under relaxed conditions....Read More »

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